News 2017

2017-01-08 Siri was BOB-Veteran and 4th best bitch at My Dog 1.

2017-01-07 Siri Was BOS, BOB-Veteran and BIS-3 Veteran at My Dog 1!

News 2015

2015-09-19 Siri best female and Copenhagen Winner 2015!

2015-09-06 Ace celebrated his first birthday by becoming BIS-junior

2015-07-27 Ace BOB-junior in Split!


2015-07-26 Ace BOB-junior in Split and Croatian junior champion!



















2015-07-25 Ace BOB and BOB-junior in split.


2015-07-24 Ace BOB-junior in Split!


2015-07-29 Ace BOB-junior, BOB and BIG-4 and polish juniorchampion!


2015-07-11 Majken reserve female (2nd place) in Tvååker.


2015-06-21 Ace BOB and BOB-junior


2015-06-14 Ace first time out in official class. He ended up BOB-junior, BOB and BIG-3 group 8, and shortlisted in the junior finals.


2015-05-16 Majken BOB-valp in Hässleholm and shortlisted in the finals among many puppies.


2015-05-02 Ace BOB-puppy

2015-04-11 Ace BOB-puppy

2015-03-21 Ace BOB-puppy and BIS-2-puppy!

2015-03-08 Ace BOB-Puppy


2015-01-24 Extol Ace Ventura At Cordata has been to his first puppy show, he ended up BOB-puppy!

News 2014

2014-09-06 The puppies are here!

2014-05-17 Gulli was 2nd best female with R-CAC at Hässleholm International show. 

2014-05-10/11 Gulli has been to Denmark and was 3rd best female day one and best female day two at Roskilde International, Denmark!

2014-03-23 We borrowed "Gulli" (Aquafortis Go Go Girl) for the show in Malmö and she was 2nd best female with CAC from juniorclass at her first show. The Aquafortis breedergroup was placed as BIS-2! 

News 2013

2013-12-24 Siri ended up as Winner of the show-PWD of the year in Sweden 2013!

2013-07-13 Siri BIS-3 at Tvååker show in Sweden among 3700 dogs!

2013-06-01 Siri BIG-4 at Norrköping show, Sweden!


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